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Beer Belly Fantasy Football League
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Uh .... pretty self explanatory.


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Because of the odd number of teams per conference and the ammount of duplicate players, you will play everyone in your conference twice, and only two games outside of your conference. So there will be some teams in the other conference that you won't get to play against until the playoffs. If this sounds confusing, contact me and I'll try to explain it.

Week #2

AFC - Mormon Choir Boys(0-1) vs. Fuzzy Nut Duo(0-1)
Kat's in the House(1-0) vs. Hairy-Backed Beer Bellys (1-0)
Big Dogs(0-1) vs. Steelers(0-1)

NFC - Cannonballers(0-1) vs. Fantastic Fruitcakes (0-1)
C.C. Cloudy(1-0) vs. Still Like the Ninja(1-0)
Smelly Hairpies(1-0) vs. Horn Dogs(0-1)

Hugh Jass & the Boozy Slut(1-0) vs. Indoorfans (1-0)